What makes a Custom Baked Designer Cakes so amazing?

At Custom Baked Designer Cakes we pride ourselves in designing amazing creations. Have a look through our galleries and you will see what we mean.

We love creating anything from traditional tiered wedding cakes topped with handmade sugar flowers to wild novelty cakes.

Our Wedding Cakes are designed with the bridal couple in our consultation process. We can consult on all aspects of your event and recommend styles and sizes to best suit your needs.

Our novelty cakes have received international attention. They are the type of cake that stop people in their tracks and are the highlight of an event.

Novelty cakes have increased in popularity in recent years. Shows like “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss” have bought this art form into the spotlight. We specialise in this style of cake decorating. We want to take your passions and interests and turn them into a personalised edible wonder.

Not only are our cakes visually spectacular they also taste amazing. The fondant icing, or as a lot of people know it “wedding cake icing”, is kept very thin. Some people have an aversion to this type of icing as they are use to having it at weddings very thick and over marzipan, a taste combination disliked by many, us included. We keep it thin as it is very tasty this way.

It is also over the top of chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache is a mix of chocolate and cream that is spread between the layers of the cakes as well as coating cakes. It keeps the cakes moist and delicious and when paired with the fondant is really tasty.


How do you design your cakes?

Our cakes can be designed for you in a number of different ways. Once we have received your enquiry form we will be in touch to discuss the details for your order.

We can discuss cake designs in our convenient email consultations or if you prefer we can discuss over the phone.

For wedding cake orders we can arrange an appointment for you to come to our studio in Bungendore. We can discuss all the details of your dream wedding cake and you can view some of our work which is on display.

During the consultation we will discuss all of your needs so we can create the perfect cake for you. Please see the list below of the details required at the consultation so you can ensure you have all of your information ready.

  • Date of the function
  • Number of people you need to feed
  • Budget (very important so we can design the best cake possible that fits into your pricing requirements)
  • Shape of the cake. For example round, square, madhatter, novelty shapes. How many tiers would you like? Use our online gallery for ideas.
  • Colour scheme
  • Style ideas
  • Any pictures you have found for inspiration can be emailed to us. In turn we can email you pictures to get you inspired.
  • Flavours (please see our flavour list below)
  • Delivery Address
Do you offer tastings?

At this stage we do not offer cake tastings during consultations. It is something we will be doing in the near future so keep posted as this will be changing soon. We do pride ourselves on our delicious cakes. We believe a cake should taste as good as it looks and we go that extra step by splitting and filling all our cakes with chocolate ganache to ensure they are rich and moist.

Is my event date available?

Custom Baked Designer Cakes can only create a limited number of cakes per week. We recommend booking your cake as far in advance as you can to ensure you don’t miss out.

Please keep in mind that making a cake enquiry does not lock in your order. Orders are not confirmed until a 50% deposit has been paid. Please see “What’s your payment policy” for more information.

How much will my cake cost?

The price of a cake will vary greatly based on a number of factors. Size, flavour, shape and difficulty of design. We will gladly tailor your Designer Cake to suit your budget during our design consultation.

Novelty Cakes tend to be more expensive than a basic design due to the difficulty in producing more extreme cakes. Let us know what exciting cake you have in mind and we can price it for you.

Do you deliver?

Our delivery prices are very reasonable and are based on the distance travelled. We can advise on the price at the time of booking.

The size, shape and weight of your cake must be taken into consideration when planning to transport a cake yourself. We will need to discuss the transportation of your cake with you as each cake is different.

Generally you will need a large flat space to transport the cake in e.g. the back of station wagon or 4WD is perfect. Also many cakes cannot be lifted by only one person and you also need to consider if any damage is done to the cake during transportation you will not have an expert on hand to make minor repairs.

Custom Baked Designer Cakes cannot accept any liability for damage to cakes once they have left our studio unless they are being delivered by us.

Coffee or dessert portions?

This will depend on the type of event you are having. You may want to have the smaller coffee portion if you are having a cocktail function or are planning to have the cake in conjunction with other desserts. The larger dessert portion is recommended if the cake will be served as the dessert course on it’s own. A dessert portion is approx 2.5 x5 x 9cms high. A coffee portion is approximately half of this.

Can you work with my budget?

We certainly can. Providing us with a budget really is an essential part of the design process. Once we know your budget we can create an amazing cake that incorporates your design ideas & requirements that will suit your financial situation. Without knowing your budget we will create a cake without any financial constraints taken into account possibly wasting your time & ours.

What’s your payment policy?

We ask for a 50 percent non-refundable deposit at the time of ordering your cake. We require the balance to be paid no later than 3 weeks prior to the date of delivery. If the cake is booked within 3 weeks of delivery full payment is required at the time of booking. You will be provided with our cancellation conditions at the time your order is made.

Our preferred payment method is direct deposit into our bank account. You will be supplied with the details at the time of booking. Alternatively if you are booked in for a face to face consultation we can also accept cash. As no cash is kept on the premises change cannot be provided, we do ask people to bring the exact amount they are depositing onto their order.

What flavours can I have?

Our cake flavours are:

  • Chocolate Mud Cake A wicked and rich chocolate mud cake split and filled with chocolate ganache
  • White Chocolate Mud Cake A moist a creamy white choclate mud cake split and filled with white choclate ganache
  • Caramel Mud Cake Deliciously moist caramel mud cake filled with either dark or white choclate ganache
  • Marble Choc Mud A fun mix of dark and white chocolate mud cakes filled with either white or dark chocolate ganache
  • Peppermint Choc Mud A moist choc mud cake with a peppermint kick. Filled with peppermint ganache.
  • Cherry Ripe Choc Mud A to die for variation on a choc mud cake incorporating glace cherries, cherry essence and coconut. Filled with choc cherry ganache it is as good as the real thing.
  • Jaffa Choc Mud A sinful choc orange mud cake filled with choc orange ganache
  • Red Velvet If you haven’t tried this amazing flavour you are missing out, super moist and oh so tasty. Filled with choc ganache. This flavour is not suitable for carved novelty cakes and is only recommended for the top tier of a cake due to it’s delicate nature.
  • Carrot Cake Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg combine to create a deliciously spicy fruit cake. Filled with white or dark choc ganache. Not recommended for carved novelty cakes.
  • Fruit Cake Made with high quality fruits and spices this rich fruit cake will impress fruit cake lovers. Fruit cake is not recommended for carved novelty cakes. It is also not covered in ganache like all our other cakes are and does require a thicker layer of icing due to the lumpy nature of the fruit in the cake and the issue of the juices seeping from the cake.

If you wish to keep the top tier of your wedding cake please let us know, generally fruit cake must be used for this purpose.

Can I keep the top tier

If you would like to keep your top tier we need to know at the time of ordering as it will need to be made of fruit cake. Fruit cake cannot be used for all cake designs due to how heavy it is. If you are planning on keeping the top tier you will also need access to a freezer that is not frost free as the constant defrosting will draw the moisture out of it & after 12 months it will be inedible.

Fruit cake does incur a surcharge due to the cost of ingredients involved.

Can you cater for my dietary restrictions?

At this stage we do not cater for Food Allergies & we are not set up to create Kosher Cakes.